We Will Not Sell Your Name Here…

Dear AcerCM.com Site Visitor or Customer,

We believe our customers and site visitors trust us to treat them with respect. This is why we will not sell your name and information to third parties. We understand that unsolicited telemarketing phone calls at home, yet more junk mail and clogged e-mail in boxes are considered a nuisance to most people. Further we are sensitive to the fact that our own customers may not want to get e-mails regarding up coming Acer product promotions. So we always ask the question “Would you like to receive additional information on “x” via e-mail in the future ?”. We hope youll click “yes” but if you click “no” thats it, and we leave you alone and you know where to find us in the future if you want to.

Enjoy the site, its content is updated daily and new products are launched every few weeks. And you can rest assured the junk mail and phone calls during dinner are not coming from us.