Acer Communications & Multimedia (Acer CM) is a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals and consumer electronic products. The company's goal is to make top-quality, price-competitive products through advanced engineering expertise and world-class manufacturing operations. The global sales and service operations, manufacturing and logistics enhance the competitive edge of Acer.

What we think.

You want computer products that enable you to perform tasks more efficiently. So we conduct our entire design process around three basic principles:

People come first. No one wants products only for the sake of technology or aesthetics. That's why Acer explores cutting-edge technology as it relates to serving customers’ needs.

Sophistication means simplicity. Sound product design should provide simplicity and ease of use. At Acer, form and function, art and technology become intertwined to provide the most sophisticated and elegant technology solutions.

Excellence is the only standard. Quality in both design and manufacturing can never be compromised. Our R&D engineers, industrial designers, product managers, and marketing executives all focus on producing the best, most durable, most useful products in the marketplace.

What we have achieved.

Leadership is the product of creativity and effort. At Acer, we've applied both resulting in:

New technologies such as the iScreen Display Technologies designed to empower the user.

Taiwan’s National Invention Award recognizing our commitment to continued research & development leading to more than 170 patents worldwide and the delivery of greater value to our customers.

A growing global presence. Manufacturing sites in Malaysia, Mainland China and Mexico put our products closer to our markets, maximize inventory availability, and reduce risk of shipping damage. Offices in Japan, the United States, and the Netherlands create a growing worldwide sales and service network.

Our Products

Storage Drives

As a leading producer of storage products, Acer manufactures several million high-speed drives each year. Our extensive product line includes CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW drives and the accompanying media.


We ship millions of keyboards in 30 different languages each year. That puts us among the world's top 5 keyboard manufacturers!


We've entered into the field of imaging in a big way and produce some of the world's finest scanning equipment utilizing the latest technology.


API color models range from 14" to 21" (13.1" to 19.9" viewable image). Our annual output of over 3 million monitors ranks us among the world's top 5 computer display manufacturers.

Where we are going.

As we prepare to enter a new millenium, Acer will continue to design and manufacture technology products that work for people. We will continue to be committed to: Competition through the command of key technologies,
Innovation through research & development in the fields of display, optoelectronics, wireless communications and precision machinery,
Total Quality Management as evidenced by our ISO-9001 and 9002 certification
And always, we will devote our energy to designing and manufacturing products that will remain timelessly elegant, providing enduring utility and lasting value.

Customer Service

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